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If you don't know which rug cleaning company in Westchester to choose, just give us a quick call and ask us about our services and about our prices. Our rug cleaning experts will be more than happy to assist you with all the information you need. The first thing you will find out is that we don't use washing machines. And we are very proud of it! We hand-wash each and every rug and carpet we receive from our clients. Call our experts today: 914-888-1308 !

Rug Cleaning Services That Meet Every Demand

Not every company in Westchester can clean a rug or a carpet the right way. And when it comes to rug restoration and rug repair, things get even more complicated. Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester, we have been providing the best rug cleaning services to people and companies in Westchester for years. Our rug cleaning service is affordable and reliable. But most importantly, we respect our clients, their items, and their time and money. With us, you never have to worry about mediocre work or about any hidden fees. Other benefits of choosing us include:

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We are a locally owned and operated company

You can make appointments during the weekend

You can make appointments during holidays

Scheduling an appointment is quick and simple

Your satisfaction is our guarantee

All our prices are affordable

Our experts are insured, licensed and bonded


FREE Pickup and FREE Delivery

Getting those large, heavy rugs to our cleaning facility would take a lot of time and effort. Why would you want to do it when we can pick them up for you? You just schedule an appointment and we'll pick the items up for free. After we get the cleaned and dried, we will return them to your location. Delivery is also free. It really can't get any better than this in Westchester!

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We Clean Any Rug of Any Size

Are you worried that our professional may damage your rugs? Don't! Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester has been in business for over a decade and has been delivering amazing customer service ever since its inception. We know how to thoroughly clean any rug of any size and any shape. For your peace of mind, all our professional rug cleaners are insured and bonded. Here are some of the types of rugs we clean frequently:

Persian rugs

Handmade rugs

Wool rugs

Area rugs

Silk rugs

Indian rugs

Oriental rugs

Moroccan rugs

And many more


Inexpensive Rug Cleaning Service in Westchester

Don't let our low prices put you off. Here at Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester, each and every person and company gets top notch customer service. All the rugs and carpets we clean end up being spotless. They also smell pretty nice. Our professional rug cleaning services are as affordable as they can be because we care about our customers, not because we rush things or cut corners.

We Hand-wash ALL Rugs

Washing rugs and carpets by hand is not easy. It requires skill and experience. The good news is that the rug cleaning experts at Oriental Rug Cleaning Westchester have both. We clean all the items we receive from our customers by hand to avoid the damage washing machines can cause. For the safest rug cleaning in Westchester, we are your best option.